Saturday, December 3, 2016


Early this summer I planted some Elephant ears from our old house....

They grew a bit didn't they?

So did the Trumpet tree!

Here's my new Square foot Garden done in concrete instead of wood  This time of year i have leettuces and carrots and lots of herbs planted.

We still have these fruit trees and bushes to plant.  It's been hard figuring out exactly where to put them as we are a bit low laying and get alot of water during our raining months.

I think I'll try the blueberry bushes near the pine trees in the back  I'm waiting for Christmas break to plant

Banana trees
we had some at our old house but they ot killed by frost one year.  Even tho we live in a sub tropical state, some plants just can't handle the cold.  I've planted these where they have some cover from other trees and that hsould protect them.

Kiwi trees
I've never tried these and almost killed them.  I'd put them in front and the sun was too harsh.  I took off every burnt leaf, and really almost trashed them but I thought I'd try so I put them in the shade and watered them 2x a day and they came back.  I'm going to plant them with the trellis in the shade.  

in all but the green pot I'm trying to grow Honeysuckle from the plant I had at our old house.  I hope to have them ready to plant by next spring.  Honeysuckle is wonderful but it really takes a few years to get going.  Once it does, it'll take over but it's work to get it to grow.

I love plants and trees as you can see.  I grew up with huge gardens and family farms so it's natural to me.  Nothing soothes me more than working in the garden.

Ok now for some family pictures....Jon and I were watching the news, evidently it was NOT interesting to Shad or the cat!

my boy all the way- Pepsi and a book!

A friend of mine gave Sam a light machine.  It's pretty awesome

yes Sam is lying there with his leg crossed.  He did that since he was in the NICU!

The boys and I went to Epcot last week


Love my garden and kiddos!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is Angela.  We have supported her through Life 2 Orphans for five years.  I was so touched that someone had supported a caregiver for Sarah and Selah that I offered to start supporting a caregiver for another child and this is the child selected for us.  I got to meet her when we were in Ukraine and hold her.  It was hard to let her go.  We had thought about going back to adopt her and at least one other girl and then the accident happened and our lives changed.  We've continued to pray for her and support her.  I'd written about her before in the hopes of a family stepping forward but I'm ashamed I didn't push her more.  she will age out in February.  Her only hope is a family to step forward and get their paperwork in by then.  It is not impossible to do but a family is needed.

She has the same sweet gentle spirit Sarah has.  She was not walking when we meet her in 2012 but maybe a little now.  She has been moved further away from the war zone and is a better situation than she was in.  She is mentally delayed, and probably has some vision issues.  She needs a family.  If you are interested please email me

Can I ask you to pray that a family will step forward for her  Please feel free to forward this blog everywhere.....

I will commit to help fund raise and I will commit to $1000 towards travel (after a homestudy has been approved and a travel date is set)

Please pray for this precious girl!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

I love this crockpot I got some years ago.  I put all the veggies I was cooking in it.  My sis in law made mashed potatoes-they are the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten!!!

And this little counter oven was priceless this year!

We had a great week with our son home.  On Thanksgiving we had some family over and we did have a funny story (of course)

The turkey was quite large-and wouldn't unfreeze despite our best efforts.  I have a confess, I absolutely can not "degut" a turkey so I always ask one of our nurses.  It's become a joke with them, I can't even watch or I will throw up.  there is just something about a turkey that bothers me....  anyhow one of our nurses pulled the bag out despite it being still frozen, she advised us to put it in water for awhile so we did.  Then we drained the water and Jon patted it dry ( I just can't handle turkeys.  I put it on to cook about midnight at 300 degrees, I got up at 4 am and turned it up to 350.  At 8 am I checked it's core temp and it was perfect but there was lots of juices....when I pulled it out the juices spilled all over the floor/rug/oven....and we almost had a fire.  Jon grabbed the fire extinguisher  and had it ready to go!  Thankfully the oven didn't catch on fire and we got it all cleaned up.  We had to turn the oven off but thankfully I had a turkey roasting pan that worked fine to finish browning it up.  It turned out to be one of the tastiest turkeys ever despite all the work involved!  BTW I ALWAYS feed our nurses on the holidays!  They are like our family!!!

I won!!!

games going on....

Sarah had a Thanksgiving shirt on

We did our Christmas decorating this past week

I got this at a thrift store and just love it

Jon's boot!  He is a Christmas baby and someone gave his mom flowers when he was born in this book and we've saved it over the years.

Here's some pictures from last Sunday.  This shows Selah moving her head and shoulders on her own.  the pictures crack me up as she seems to be very tired of being by Sam.   I had dressed Sam and Sarah but I didn't even see Selah until we got to church as we take two vehicles.  I just laughed because they were all in peachy/pink color-totally unplanned!    Selah had a new outfit on that her nurse bought her.  It was so cute.

She works hard on head control and I'm so proud of her

Last night I used up the last of the giant Turkey by making a turkey and rice dish-it was so good so I guess that Thanksgiving 2016 is over for us but I am still a grateful person for all the folks in my life.  This year started out quite rocky for me having to have the lumpectomy....  then Jon's surprise heart attack and emergency open heart surgery......   But we're still here and we are still standing!   Thank God!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Picture Day & a Shad Surprise!

Just some random pictures

This is Sarah's way to tell us to PRAY with her at night!  It's so sweet.  As you can see I have her big girl bed on the floor so she can't roll off and hurt herself.

 (i had a essential oils diffuser on for her as she had a cold.)

And Daddy prays with her

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
The angels watch me through the night
And keep me in their blessed sight AMEN!"
then we pray for all our family by name, our nurses and Steve's friends

Sarah often lifts her hand up again and again for prayer LOL  it's so sweet

It's finally cool enough to be outside on the trampoline.  Sam likes being bounced.

Then we had Steve's 21st  Birthday party!  How is it possible that he is that old?

Jon and his brother on the patio with Vermont our cat.

Then we went to Tallahassee for a conference of Jon's.  During our time there I got to see some friends and one friend gave me this picture she had found of me taken on my 18th birthday !  LOL

This was the view from our hotel room-that's the state capital.

Shad and I took the kids for a tour of the old and new state capital.

We stopped by the governor's office:)

the view from the observation deck

We were by a Krispy Kreme

After Jon was finished with his conference we headed off to the St Mark's Lighthouse.

I loved going there as a child.  It's very much the "real Florida"

We then stopped in Perry my hometown to eat at one of it's famous restaurants.   Let me just say the grilled chicken and fried okra was amazing!!!!

On our way home we stopped at my family's grave yard.  All my folks are buried there.  It's located in Dixie County and goes back to the 1800's.  My great great grandparents are buried there.....and on down the line.  I try to stop when we are up that way and do a walk through every chance I get.  Lots of good people buried there, lots of folks that I love dearly.   It's way out in the woods in an area that used to be a small community at the turn of the 19th century.  Family members still live out there and farm.

Some scenes from our park where we go walking.

The way these trees are planted remind me of Ukraine.

In my neighborhood, I had to stop and take a picture!  How beautiful!

Shad loves to go target practicing.  We are members of a shooting club and like the safety features of having trained supervision.

Shad is a great shot.  He has shot more different kinds of guns and rifles than I ever have!!!

Here I am- I should have taken a picture of my target-I did really good even though the target was set at 20 feet.

the road home.....

We ordered these arm guards a few months ago because Sam has a bad habit of biting his arm/hands if he is upset.  We didn't start using them then, as we were able to work with him and bring the level of self harm down.  But he's back doing it again and I thought I'd try them and he's doing really good with them.  He wears them all day long with no complaining and it keeps him from biting himself.  Sam does things in a circular way-what i mean is for example  he will bite his arms/fingers and then we are able to work with him and he'll quit or do it alot less....then something upsets him one day and he starts back and can't stop without intervention.  We are hoping this will be a way to stop him for good.  Often i can pin point what causes the behavior to start and even if that is removed or changed, then he can't stop his behavior.  He had a very hard time with a friend who came to visit more than a month ago and had not been able to calm down since.  Also Steve's birthday party didn't help.   Sam does NOT like people in HIS house!   It's funny he can go anywhere and not mind people....but let them come in his house.......   this past summer Steve had a college friend over for a day and Sam got really upset.   That's when I ordered the arm guards but he calmed down with alot of help until my friend came.....   Sam has his RULES!  And he doesn't like his rules broken.  We are working on coping skills!!!


Shad got his new eye.  I had to tell him not to smile so you all could see it otherwise his face just crinkles up into laugh lines and you wouldn't be able to tell.  It looks fantastic and he is doing great with taking care of the shell himself.  He was fascinated by the whole process of watching it being made.  He had a really good experience and we think it will give him even more confidence (does he really need it?????)   It moves-it's something else!!!  I had no idea how real it would look.

Wow we covered alot in this blog.  Hope you enjoyed it.